CSR Policy

Energy Conservation Policy

Energy is avaluable resource. The production of energy and itsconsumptions has environmental impacts.

The following policy is estabished as guideline to conservation and promotesefficient use of energy.

Energy conservation is the responsibility of executives and employees of the Company to the extent that giving cooperation to comply with measures specified for monitoring and reporting in accordance with laws.

Environmental Policy

Nteq Polymer Company Limited operates the business of technically specified rubber which realizes the significance of environmental management system for sustaining and cooperating for benefits of the public. As a result, the environmental management system is established and high-level executives and all employees are committed to perform the following operations;

  1. Comply with laws and regulations on environment and international laws, including relevant requirements, such as customers’ requirements, environmental management requirements, etc.
  2. Aim to protect environment and prevent pollutions, and other specific commitments relating to the context of the organization
  3. Build awareness, provide knowledge and disseminate policy on environmental management to all employees and personnel working on behalf of the organization, including persons working under the supervision of the organization, to comply with the policy of the Company
  4. Promote employees to participate in energy conservation, provide projects for environment, such as, turn off lights when not in use, water saving, return used cartridge, sort hazardous wastes, etc. by considering and apply them to objectives and targets for continuous operations and revision
  5. Prevent hazards and reduce working accidents, such as use of electricity, use of chemicals, etc. The Company appropriately provides safe working environments and personal protective equipment based on the risk of tasks.
  6. The Company will monitor and evaluate performances according to the policy and objectives for effectiveness, efficiency and continuous improvement.
  7. The Company would like to communicate this policy to the public, including stakeholders. This policy can be accessed.







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