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Technically Specified Rubber

Demand for TSR has been increasing over the years due to its measurable quality and production technology which allows better consistency in the rubber quality. Raw materials and finished goods are tested according to quality plan to ensure the rubber produced meets the required standard of our customers. Nteq core operations are processing of Standard Thai Rubber grade STR10, and STR20 as well as Mooney viscosity controlled 9710 and 9720.

Customization of products or special request specifications of quality are always welcome. Our further research and development will lead to future production of new value added products. Currently, our annual production capacity is 72,000 tons that will be continuously expanded to support the growth of both domestic and international demands.


Standard Thai Rubber 10
Standard Thai Rubber 20
Standard Thai Rubber 20M
Mooney Viscosity Controlled 9710
Mooney Viscosity Controlled 9720
Constant Viscosity 60
Constant Viscosity 65
Mixture Rubber (Pending 2017-2018)


Various packaging are available to meet the requirements of our customers. Our container loading is carried out in our factory under close supervision to ensure that rubber arrives at the destination in its best conditions.


kilograms loose bales


tons shrink wrapped
Plastic base


tons shrink wrapped
metal base / Friendly
pack pallet


Metal box

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